Welcome to John Adams Middle School PTO
Bringing Parents together

Welcome to John Adams Middle School PTO

Welcome to John Adams Middle school PTO 2019-2020 Family!

The purpose of the PTO is to aid the students of John Adams Middle School by providing the funds for extra programs and activities - educational and recreational - beyond the basic classroom activities that the Board of Education provides for, as well as to promote open communication between the administration, teachers and parents. By working together, what we can accomplish will be limitless.

Please attend our meetings to share and voice your concerns and to vote on important issues. Our meetings are tentatively scheduled for Oct 15 (Tue), Dec 3rd (Thu), Feb 2nd (Tue), April 14 (Tue), May 6 (Tue) 2020.

Please sign-up for the PTO membership and support the activities by volunteering your valuable time and inputs. The annual membership fees is $10/- per family.

PTO Board Members

President - Manasi Mathur 
Vice President - Tanvi Sharma 
Vice President - Eva Jain 
Vice President - Deepa Aggarwal 
Treasurer - Payal Parikh 
Recording Secretary - Srinivas Tadeparti 
Correspondence Secretary - Isabel Ikemoto 

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